Moschino: the S / S 2015 Collection at the Milan Fashion Week

Jeremy Scott, creative director of Moschino, chooses Barbie as a new icon of the collection spring / summer 2015: “Made in plastic”, it’s fantastic!

If last season Jeremy Scott , creative director of the fashion house Moschino, had us entertained with unexpected SpongeBob and Mc Donald’s outfits, the spring-summer 2015 seems to have every intention of returning to amaze us, presenting a collection inspired icon more “made in plastic” and super blondie ever: Barbie is back!

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Etro: the Fashion Show S / S 2015 at The Milan Fashion Week

A free woman and in contact with nature: for spring-summer collection 2015 is inspired by the Navajo Etro.

A woman, an artist, who lives in the desert. Again, to dominate the inspiration to Milan Fashion Week is the spirit of the seventies. That for his collection Spring-Summer 2015 Etro misses in music and vibes festival period, but in a variation somewhat ‘Complementary and a little’ different: hippie, yes, but in Navajo sauce. In a proximity to nature in its wild streak.

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Costumes Sweaters

The traditional fashion these days has become very diverse. She is very elegant and romantic. Always draws admiring glances and even one of the most exquisite garments.

If you want to attract a special sweater for a festive occasion or looking for an exceptional souvenir gift, then you can no less than access to a costumes sweater. With different patterns makes the costumes sweater a real looker and is just a real gem. The costume sweater warms not only you, but also your heart and simultaneously makes other people’s eyes a special joy. The costumes Sweaters will surely become your favorite piece of clothing in your wardrobe. He is timeless and elegant.

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Alberta Ferretti S / S 2015 Collection at the Milan Fashion Week

light fabrics, romantic colors, sensual transparency in a delicate game of flowers and lace: the Spring / Summer 2015 Alberta Ferretti between the ethereal and the boho-chic.

Elegance and delicacy, these are the two key words that echo during the parade of Alberta Ferretti for the Spring / Summer 2015 collection. And besides, how can disappoint the Italian designer who always gets the highest expression of femininity spokesman through lines from light and ethereal fabrics, for a beauty made, authentic, barely whispered.

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Women’s Swimwear & Beachwear 2016

Each year, the same old story. Cracking the big swimsuit radius, you buy back in yet another. But have you thought about renewing the rest? You know, that old beach dress that has already been six summers at Cap Ferret or that pair of sandals whose soles off dangerously? Give everything to Emmaus and renew the stock: here are seven tips to twist her beach look!

We Swapped His Beach Dress for a Kimono …

The beach dress is very nice but it’s, you know … redundant! We quickly made ​​the rounds and it’s time to try something else. And this other thing that will wake with your beach style look, is called kimono! Because this summer, you wear it at home, in town, shopping trip or to go out, and yes, you also will wear to the beach: the kimono is the piece to own this summer. If it is long, it can attach and wear it as a dress. Otherwise, it is left open on a bikini and mini denim shorts.

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Costume National Fashion Show S / S 2015 at the Milan Fashion Week

A dialogue between the Seventies rock’n’roll and minimalism: the spring-summer 2015 signed Costume National.

Today’s woman? Free and sophisticated. A fusion of rock and roll and minimalist couture. Words of Ennio Capasa, and well made: the ones seen on the catwalk for the collection Spring-Summer 2015 Costume National, a brand beloved by stars of our house and around the world who is among his most famous admirers none other than Mick Jagger and Lady Gaga.

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Salvatore Ferragamo: the SS15 Fashion Show at Milan Fashion Week

Parade at the Milan Fashion Week 2014 spring summer collection 2015 signed Salvatore Ferragamo: tailoring and craftsmanship, knitwear, reptile prints, silhouette 40s, wedges Rainbow.

The summer collection Salvatore Ferragamo is an injection of color, clothes and unique accessories are a direct response to the demands that come from outside and are also good example of craftsmanship and Italian pride. Just think of the creation of a dress takes about 40 hours of work.

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How to Choose a Good Corset

For every woman is very important as it is, many are trying to follow fashion trends, purchase new items for new collections. However, there are dresses and clothes that are the height of fashion for centuries, and no one is able to move them from first place. These include corsets. To cast do not think that person as a surprise, it will be a surprise because the corset as accents all the charm of your figure.

Most corsets are long and they are still very popular among women. At any time, they were the first in the world of beauty and fashion.

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Milan Fashion Week: 10 Fashion Shows to Understand the SS 2015 Trend

Calvin Klein, Cavalli, Etro, Missoni, Dolce and Gabbana and many more. Let’s find out what the trends menswear spring-summer 2015.

Concluded Pitti Uomo and waiting for Pitti Bimbo, the curtain falls on the Milan fashion week dedicated to the collections Spring-Summer 2015 menswear.

Among those who took to the catwalk the man dandy, some have preferred beachwear, fashion style of the seventies between optical pattern legacies (not really a new season) and who has thought of an innovation not so much in what cuts shown in textural mix not only in fashion shows, but in presentations and side events.

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How to Wear White Jeans


There is no doubt: the white jeans confirmed the real must of the season. Versatile and stylish, representing an evergreen for those who love a look all white and beyond. The combinations which are suitable white jeans are numerous. What is paramount, however, is create the right harmony between the chiefs, resulting in a very flawless look. In the following guide, therefore, we provide suggestions on how to wear white jeans.


Make sure you have on hand:

  • white jeans
  • top
  • t-shirt
  • shirt
  • jacket
  • sneakers
  • wedges or heels
  • colorful accessories

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How to Sew Children’s Pajamas

Many children are happy to be covered in a warm blanket to keep warm at night. But during a good night’s sleep blanket gradually shifted to the country and then move down to the floor at all. In such cases, as well as children absolutely do not recognize blankets, perfect pajamas.

You Will Need:

Paper, pencil, measuring tape, finished jacket and pants as a child model, scissors, needles, fabric, thread, needle, elastic ribbons.

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Fashion Weeks: Which Color Will Trend?

With New York Fashion Week kicks off the month of fashion and meanwhile Pantone publishes its “Color Report-Spring 2015”. Which color will dominate the next spring-summer?

With the start of the fashion weeks-the fashion week, in order, of New Work, London, Milan, Paris-the thought of all fans inevitably focuses on the next spring-summer. The wait is vibrant: what will be the must-have trends and s / s 2015? And what will be the color that can thrive?

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Divissima Swimwear

The catalog of beachwear Divissima proposals for summer 2013 is firmly on seasonal trends as fluorescent, animal prints and transparencies and want to reward and enhance the sensuality of every woman.

By now we are all being “dress rehearsal”. Between diets sussurate improvised between friends during strictly non-alcoholic aperitifs and boom of quarterly enrollment in the gym, Italians, but above all we Italian, we can not help but think of the fateful moment that will see us protagonists of long beach walks, baths and lunches on flush water.

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Antonio Marras: the Fashion Show S / S 2015

The Sardinian designer dedicates the Spring / Summer 2015 collection in a woman without time, Carol Rama, a painter from the great artistic sensibility. In a fusion of fabrics and images on canvas.

A designer and a painter, a Sardinian and Turin, two-stroke generational comparison, two overflowing worlds of different artistic influences, yet so similar, with a sensitivity over the top: it comes to life the Spring / Summer 2015 Antonio Marras, almost suggellazione a profound act of mutual respect, in a fruitful exchange of visionary and vital explosions images.

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How to Wear Narrow Pants

Classic narrowed trousers women – one of the most urgent things wardrobe of every fashion. They help to create many different images, hide some figure flaws and highlight profitable dignity. The main thing – to know a few secrets that will help you to not make the wrong choice.

How to Choose and What to Wear Classic Pants Shrink?

Narrow pants can choose almost any type of figure. If girls and women with high or medium height can safely experiment with style and color, tiny yet to be paid to the selection of special attention. Ideal for you – the classic model of female tight pants with arrows that will make you visually higher.
Depending on where you are going to wear classic narrow trousers, the following options:

  • Business combination with narrow trousers. Today, this model is very popular among business women on a par with the classic straight models. Visual pull your body and become slimmer, choose to narrow pants jacket with increased lateral line. So you can create a silhouette of the “triangle” which is especially femininity and elegance. Another option for everyday office workers – a combination of female black tight pants and colorful vests.
  • Casual version and variant for walks with narrow trousers. As a stylish and convenient option for walks and meeting friends that act locally combined with tight pants and leather jackets shortened or leather vest, combined with funny t-shirts with silk blouses or bright colors.
  • Evening combination with narrow trousers. To make a stylish and elegant evening image with narrow pants, combine them with different tops and blouses embellished with sequins and crystals. Excellent addition to such a method will be shortened or bolero jacket. It will look like a combination of feminine silk blouse decorated with very tight.

Massimo Rebecchi: the SS15 Collection at Milan Fashion Week

Optical patterns and three-dimensional, smooth lines, but not too much, sobriety, taste vintage 70s, here Massimo Rebecchi at the Milan Fashion Week 2014 spring summer collection 2015.

Massimo Rebecchi opens the Milan fashion Sunday, the penultimate day. Featured floral and geometric prints, small and dense, bring back to the ’70s.

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