Patrizia Pepe Spring Summer

Patrizia Pepe, the spring-summer 2016 rides the hottest trend of the season and a colour palette definitely lively and bright. Pastel colors, cuts and big Wardrobe Essentials for cult seventies a line waiting to be discovered.

Patrizia Pepe presents the new collection of dresses and outerwear for spring summer 2016, a line of brilliant shades and rakish style. Between old and new trends, between cult pieces of season and retro cuts you’ll be spoilt for choice. Continue reading Patrizia Pepe Spring Summer

Paris Fashion Week Catwalk

The period of the Fashion Week is now winding down after a really intense September. I told you live, along with Valentina, the adventures live from Milan during the week of Italian fashion and instead, as we speak, also of Paris fashion week draws to a close. And that fashion week, girls! The week of craziness, with many views on the catwalk experiments (and in street style!).It ranges from Balenciaga and the new rubberized tweed with a lot of metal cubes instead of improbable shoe heels, Dior and its line amphora with mini dress, the tuxedo revisited Lanvin, to the nineties of Balmain along with padded shoulders gogo-up to the skirts cup of Rochas, heels icebreaker Azzaro and headgear icicle Watanabe. Even in terms of beauty do not mess around: you have seen the fringes long style “of The Ring Girl” that fell on the eyes of the models? Help! Ok, on the catwalks testing and performance are essential elements and always agree, however, in some cases.. well, the distinction makes it rain or critical acclaim! As in, respectively, the Hula Hoop Chanel bag and boots Fold-Over Knee Givenchy, next must-have of the winter season.

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Baroque Style Fashion

Let’s forget for a moment all the colors that have characterized our summer outfits. We forget the candid whiteness of our fluttering of satin skirts. Forget the softness of pink wool that both heats. Close your eyes and imagine a golden world. Gold and black. Imagine circular patterns and thick, clear, double, as the candelabra protagonists on the table prepared for the party, as the designs on the rose windows of churches, on the walls of the houses. Imagine fabrics like velvet, like lace decorated with harmonious mastery. We certainly have browsed the newspapers, we certainly admired the catwalks of Paris and Milan fashion shows … we realized that one of the trends that will mark most of our winter days is the Baroque.

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Tips to Enhance Your Looks

Go to work with a simple dress in solid colors? Choose leisure the usual pair of jeans and a t-shirt? I do not find anything bad! It happens to us all sometimes do not have the desire or time to engage in choosing the look to show off and put out of the house with simple and comfortable. Perhaps such a choice may seem trivial but the truth is that opt for the convenience does not necessarily mean sacrificing style!

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Must Have Wardrobe Pieces

The balances have now begun a few weeks and finally the discounts have become very favorable, both in terms of the luxury items that regard the heads low cost; both in stores and online, the prices have been lowered considerably!

My fear, however, when it comes to sales, is always to be attempted by the super-low price of an item and end up buying clothes and shoes of which I did not really need and that invariably end up buried in the closet and never see the light!

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Must Have Clothes for Winter

With the first big cold these days you can not just do not think about how to dress to counter the cold temperatures of winter , but without looking like an Eskimo escaped from the North Pole. It is not always easy, especially because as soon as the temperatures drop below 15 degrees, at least for the more chilly, the temptation to wear boots with fur lining, bulky down jackets and ski pants is really strong.

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November Fashion Looks

November, the month of the dead. Ta-by-dannn. I will not make the tragic this morning, dear bigodine. But tell me if it is not true, perhaps, that November is really a grigissimo month. Sad, flat, the prelude of the joyful December. Do not know about you, but these days leaden to me is just want to close the disconsolate closet and put on my usual all-black “Why so much out is bad and also begins to get cold.” No, no, no, no. Do not lose heart and take a little girls’ inspired by fashionistas of the globe that do not seem to suffer from the syndrome of the November crisis. Ready? Paper and pen? Let’s go!

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How to Wear for Work

In modern society take care of your look is important and knowing how to dress properly for every occasion is essential, to give a positive image of themselves, especially at work, where you are constantly evaluated. The clothing worn varies atmosphere that characterizes your work environment in the office, for example, it is important to try to understand immediately what is the style of your colleagues or your boss, style that usually reflects the company’s philosophy. If you work in a young and dynamic industry, for example, many will wear a more casual look consisting of shirt and jeans or even t-shirt for men, dresses and jeans and practical cotton among women. If you work in the financial sector, it is to practice wearing the dark suit and the suit. Are you still confused?

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Are Pinstripe Suits in Style 2016

For the summer 2016, is back in fashion Pinstripe: from classic to new versions, here are the most beautiful pinstriped leaders from the catwalks and from the Windows SS 2016.

The lines, the absolute protagonists of the spent hot seasons, went from the horizontal to the vertical and, specifically, they are available in a Pinstripe suit, which is back in fashion for PE 2016.Not only suits in Pinstripe, however, including blouses, blouses, tops, jumpsuits and apparel estrosi in Pinstripe, with all its variations. Continue reading Are Pinstripe Suits in Style 2016

What to Wear for an Evening Out

Always around from morning till evening? After work drink, advice to be perfect without having to House and be trendy when you wake up to when you go to sleep. What are the right look to wear? Let’s find out together!

More and more occasions after work that force us to sit outside in the evening without first having to House for a change of clothes and freshening. It is necessary, therefore, to think of the looks that, with a few tweaks and tricks, manage to make us clean both in the Office and during the evening. Clothes, hairstyles and accessories become the secret weapon to be perfect for an after work drink! Continue reading What to Wear for an Evening Out

Fashion Trends Autumn 2015

Total red Outfit, here is the right look for autumn 2015! Admired the most important runways, red is the must-have color for this fall: here’s how to combine it to make unique your look for day and night.

Autumn has started and we have now put aside the pastel colors, typical of spring, and the most lively in the summer, like Orange and yellow. A color to which we must never give up, instead, is red! Particular tone and full of nuances, from the most subtle tending to pink up to those most heated of Ruby, Red is the color of outfit for autumn 2015.
The total red look goes crazy, we admired the most important runways, so there is no doubt: some eccentricity in this fall will only bring good mood. Red gives all women: brings out the typical colors of blonde and Brown and blond hair it intensifies. Red lipstick, another must-have for every season and every year, it’s perfect on the lips of all, as well as the Polish, especially when worn on nails not too long to avoid the effect “sexy”. Continue reading Fashion Trends Autumn 2015

Calzedonia 2016 Collection

Calzedonia presents autumn winter 2016, a line full of must-haves that also includes a slew of clothes conceived for the gym and outdoor activities. Between tights, leggings, basics and the new sports line, we discover together the new collection from one of the brands that specialize in socks and leggings.

All ready for the change of season, the brand Calzedonia introduces many new features for l’ autumn winter 2015/2016, a real tribute to femininity, but one with a difference. So once again very basic test with heads literally Calzedonia though to dress from head to toe, even when we go to the gym or running in the Park. Thus we discover together the new collection of garments Calzedonia for autumn winter 2016. Continue reading Calzedonia 2016 Collection

Fashion Outerwear Trends

What are the most fashionable Outerwear of fall-winter 2015-2016? Simple: the hoods, capes and ponchos ! Let us see them all in the proposed, catwalk for next winter.

If there is a timeless and versatile leader par excellence, this is the Cape.

And thank goodness!

Ah yes, because among the most fashionable Autumn Winter outerwear 2015-2016 there are precisely the capes, capes and ponchos in a variety of colors and variants. Continue reading Fashion Outerwear Trends

Jessica Alba Beauty Tips

Jessica Alba beauty tricks for an indentation from star, outfit styling, makeup, passing all the secrets of the look of Jessica Alba to be copied back from holidays.

Jessica Alba is one of the most admired actress and her outfit inspired by millions of women worldwide. The style of Alba, in fact, never too eccentric and even in the premiere of his movie, or during special events, like the Oscars, has always a particular look refined and elegant. Her appearance from eternal girl allows her to experience many different outfits without seeming never out of place. Continue reading Jessica Alba Beauty Tips