Scarlett Johansson Vanity Fair

Scarlett Johansson is the queen of the December 2011 American edition of Vanity Fair! These days are leaking out the December issues of fashion magazines and I think these numbers, such as those of January are the most important and the choice of the cover and the girl to put on it, it is very important! Scarlett Johansson is the woman chosen by Vanity Fair that was organized a photo shoot and a fantastic interview. Continue reading Scarlett Johansson Vanity Fair

Sanremo Red Carpet

In these three days of the Festival of Sanremo on stage theater Ariston we heard many good songs but mostly we saw many fabulous look . Today we take a little ‘gossip on outfits sported by our singers, but also on conductors and guests, Sanremo is a very appetizing showcase for our uvula gold but also for homes fashion vying to bring their clothes on stage. Continue reading Sanremo Red Carpet

Dress Makes You Look Slimmer

No other dress conjures up a beautiful waist like a wrap dress for friends. Grab it now!

Feel good parts in the closet are a blessing and wrap dresses are definitely included. Why? It’s simple: You are comfortable, let the freedom to move, look chic friends and conjure up a great figure.

1. Wrap dresses fit perfectly into the Office

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The Best Way To Combine Earrings With Sunglasses

Daylight saving time and the arrival of the year’s hottest season render the sunglasses an essential accessory (besides the sunscreen) for any production. In addition to each model combine with certain type of face (learn more here), earrings are another point which must be thought of in time to define your production. See below for how to combine the two and create a look smashing: Continue reading The Best Way To Combine Earrings With Sunglasses

Autism in Infants

Diagnosed autism in newborns at early stage: according to a study you can gaze through a test, diagnose the disease already during the first days of the baby’s life. This way you can quickly intervene and cope better with the evolution of the disease.

Experts say it may be possible to diagnose autism in infants with just a test of vision, a very simple test to determine whether the child’s eyes already in the first days of life may or may not be caught by the classic social stimuli, such as the movement of a hand or a face. Continue reading Autism in Infants

Sanremo Festival 2012

Still look, still the Sanremo Festival, even singers! Today I present to you the look that showed off yesterday in Sanremo singers in the competition, as in previous evenings there who is better and who is worse, however, remains in its errors Chiara Civello that not only continues to pursue its wrong look, but it does so in more and different ways, fortunately, has been eliminated or at least ended this agony of his look! To note the great return of Loredana Berte, is not a “lady” and this has always said, however, finally he has returned itself, with its skirt flakes, nail skin, this is the Bertè we love! Continue reading Sanremo Festival 2012

White Dresses That Make You Look Skinny

You are dreaming of a white dress for the summer, but are always afraid that White’s cheating a few pounds on it?

White is the color of summer par excellence. But many women don’t dare on her, because white is to make supposedly fat. But a white summer dress is just beautiful. And it must make with the right tricks you also not thicker look. It is only on the dress.

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Wardrobe Basics: Cardigan!

Hello everyone! Series basics wardrobe is one of our favorites from our work. We like to invent a simple outfit with a few basic pieces, and often these outfits are inspired, if not knowing what the day to themselves. This time we decided that we focus on Cardigan . Now, although still outside their thirties, but slowly but surely the time is coming when no one can not even blow. They are practical because they warm, look stylish and above can get in different colors, lengths and materials. Continue reading Wardrobe Basics: Cardigan!

How to Wear Vintage Watch

Many people have asked what an ark would look like in real life time. Well, a Dutch man asked a comparable thing, so he built his own person. Johan Huibers, a Dutch creationist, produced a half-size replica with the Noah’s Ark Bible, including insects and model animals. He based his work of art on his own literal belief in the Bible.

When Hans was helpless, he received a sudden message:. While Rumsfeld was developing one of the most watches, he was also restoring business hat Hans immediately let his assistants to straw hats Rumsfeld deputy inexplicably asked:. Do not get into his watch technology? Now you order his straw hats, I do not understand an individual do not now this Hans smiles and said:. If the profits from the sale of straw hat is in the value Replica Watches UK about a watch, will Rumsfeld make efforts to generate watches? Continue reading How to Wear Vintage Watch

Pants Culottes: How To Match

How to wear culottes pants

The culottes pants, or those long mid-calf and wide leg, have appeared among the fashion trends in 2015, but in 2016 they have become a real must-have for every woman! Practical and suitable for both sports outfits to the most elegant, however, they are not easy to match as they easily can shorten your legs and make little slender figure unless you are tall and lean. We see, therefore, how to wear them to be always on top. Continue reading Pants Culottes: How To Match

Sanremo Sabrina Ferilli

Last night at the Sanremo Festival guests also have sported beautiful look, very elegant and refined. The guest of honor yesterday was definitely the actress Sabrina Ferilli, in an evening that was not particularly fun, brought elegance, beauty and friendliness on the stage of the Ariston. Then it was presented at the Sanremo Festival also the cast of ” Dancing with the Stars” tonight has given way to the song festival! We discover the Anna Tatangelo look, Sabrina Ferilli and Milly Carlucci. Continue reading Sanremo Sabrina Ferilli

Celebrity Wedding Fashion

The Colombian actress Sofia Vergara got married on Sunday, November 22, with the American actor Joe Manganiello, after a year and a half relationship, in a ceremony in the town of Palm Beach. At the ceremony, Vergara wore a wedding dress custom Zuhair Murad Couture and wore their hair loose, without veil. The actress recorded everything in your account on Instagram. Continue reading Celebrity Wedding Fashion

Bikini, 2 Parts: It’s Not Too Late To Choose Your Swimsuit Woman

Swimsuit woman 2 parts is one of the values of each summer. To have a dozen in his drawers, each year, it’s the same, we want a new! Because it’s a real pleasure to strutting on the beach or at the pool in her new swimsuit woman who puts us so well in value but that’s very trend. It is not too late to pick up a new bikini, there is still a month before the start of the year, ladies! Continue reading Bikini, 2 Parts: It’s Not Too Late To Choose Your Swimsuit Woman

Kirsten Dunst Good Morning America

The beautiful actress Kirsten Dunst was in the television program Good Morning America, and for this occasion he chose a worldly look fantastic and chic, another of his look perfectly able and now does not surprise us anymore, really has a great taste, but often changes style it is always very nice and original. To participate in the Good Morning America Program chooses a flowered dress with a light print on Chloe ivory tones. Continue reading Kirsten Dunst Good Morning America

Alessandra Amoroso Festival Di Sanremo

One of the most beautiful duets of the fourth installment of the Sanremo Festival was surely to Emma Brown and Alessandra Amoroso, the two winners of “Amici di Maria de Filippi” continue to lead the way and you can not deny that they are really very respectable, they have that quid more than the colleagues of the talent, and it shows! Emma Brown and Alessandra Amoroso have a duet with passion and intensity, and in fact no one had objected to the performance, the same can not be said for the look , but we at Fashion Pour Femme we disagree! Continue reading Alessandra Amoroso Festival Di Sanremo

A Dress for All Occasions

This dress can be styled as diverse

Is a polka dot dress not for everyone? That will change now, because in reality, the dress is a real styling all-rounder.

Still no polka-dotted dress in the closet? But times go, because such a piece can really much more than one would initially expect. We choose a dark color. Whether dark blue or black matter in principle, while blue is still the Etude color for different types of color. Light chiffon fabrics are always beautiful summer dresses because they look light and airy. You can choose a denim version – this is left to the individual taste. With this styling, the drum rum makes the music anyway.

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Like A Fish In Water In Swimsuits Balances Big Man Size Summer 2012

Sales began yesterday morning and the weather came on almost all France, therefore the ideal moment to attack big man swimsuits balances size summer 2012. Rays large sizes of online auction sites are not fashion shows the arrival of balances and offer very attractive discounts. We’ve put together a selection of our favorite on Land’s endsale patterns, La Redoute and Daxo.
Making its sale swimwear big man size summer 2012 on the internet is a good solution for several reasons. Sites on which we have made our selection have many models within their RADIUS large size, on sale for many of them, and in more sizes than in traditional stores. In addition, you can avoid the rush of the early days of sale and for the inhabitants of the region PACA and Corsica, you can start your sales right now rather than wait until July 4. Continue reading Like A Fish In Water In Swimsuits Balances Big Man Size Summer 2012