Outfit: I, Just Incorrigible.

DE: My Monday outfit today’s unusually simple, isn’t it?
Actually, it was not necessarily planned that I take pictures of them, but unexpectedly arise mostly the best stuff. It’s just the perfect “Masha-shopping” outfit, with the I to the Ku’damm walked and then also to the opening of our site.

The Plaid Shirt is from, embarrassing, but on the way to the gym I’m tally Weijl, actually otherwise not the store where I get daily walk on the shop window to be run, where just the perfect Plaid Shirt hung. I had to have it, because what is in the pictures not seen: it is totally washed out and thus has the wasted look. Since then anyway me it was what label it is. In addition it irritates me total, at the time, that the things that I like are in the trend at the time, I’m staring at the window with his mouth open even in tally Weijl and Pimkie. What happens there? It’s just a strange feeling that you, even if you (!) did stay true to your style, landed some time ago by the alternative Department in the middle of the mainstream. Alternatively-urban is fully in line with the trend, so am I? I must anfreuden me just a little with the idea.

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Outfit: Welcome to Lido (Venice)

DE: Dear friends, I don’t unfortunately absolutely, if I now can do it with the great Venice post (it’s really very very big) and that’s why I’ve decided to give a sneak peek with this look here ever: A cheerful summer look (now is probably definitely over the summer, sniff!) in soft autumnal and Bulldogs-print. With a light jacket and a thin tights but also absolutely fall-friendly!

Now grade I in London where I promise you to blogging soon again more and more intensively to hardly what come back, but I am, because with everything that happened to me at the time I offer enough material for dozens of entries. My claim to an entry is set but nunmal high and therefore you have to be patient you probably a little, but not long – promised! Continue reading Outfit: Welcome to Lido (Venice)

Outfit: Hellooo London!

DE: You have had yesterday already a small impression of the look and might not be surprised you Yes also, that exactly this look has become my Monday look. I love these pictures! You have really great :)

The whole thing was shot by Sabrina, the hopefully more often can what I do (even though she lives in London), because I’m totally in love in her pictures and very excited, what has become of our cooperation!

The look is a little classic and more grown-up than you are used to from me, but just also not boring. Continue reading Outfit: Hellooo London!

Outfit: a Very British

DE: Diamonds and loafers, are actually still spiessiger?

I have made it my actually goal somehow to make acceptable the absolute combination of philistine Masha and here he is tadaaa: a very British-influenced look that now really doesn’t look like boredom.

As always, the devil is in the detail here. There are no boring Timberland loafers, but Jeffrey Campbells be riveted instead of Pearl Necklace I’m wearing a body chain and diamonds? We are honest, Karo was always the punks. So completely legitimate.

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Outfit: the Perfect Black Dress Challenge – Me Vs. Jana!

Masha: “I want to have the dress”

Jana: “Let’s rather take this natty…”

Masha: “that goes zero to me!”

Jana: “How about that: I in know you in black”

Masha: “super take that Yes that is!”

Urban Outfitters: “Ebrahim can you one take, we have in the shop?”

Masha & Jana: “Oh…” This is followed by persuasion attempts. Not a chance. After one hundred years of perceived, we agree.

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Lina Masha Collection Part 4

DE: Today, unfortunately even the last contribution to the Masha follows ♡ Lina Collection and I am Yes almost a little sad about it!

The vest you saw yesterday is now again a jacket. Actually totally practical – so you have two parts basically at one time :)

The leggings here has become almost as basically as I wanted it, because she not only has front this laced, but back and not as some leggings rear at once an entirely different substance. NE, ne! Also from the distance made it fits quite well, only she is unfortunately also not really long. Me is still, the leggings I’m up to the Knoecel, when Lina anywhere ended above the ankle, but it’s fortunately still longer than the other!
The other, I’ve seen, by the way, there is also in M! Might have been my wishes but already answered? Continue reading Lina Masha Collection Part 4

Outfit: Cosy Saturday

DE: I am pleased so much on the autumn, that I now can’t believe, that he is there. And it is here in Berlin, so far as I’ve imagined him: sunny, slightly cool, sometimes rainy, but in the most beautiful colors.

And suitable to the autumn I have dressed me a little more comfortable, because it is a pleasant season. Sitting one where I can walk, if I want to, or even in the restaurant can sit outside, but also just inside in the warm may without that I feel to miss something big. Cosiness is now entirely capitalized. Continue reading Outfit: Cosy Saturday

Outfit: Greetings from Vienna

DE: Everywhere I read of the frantic search for the perfect winter coat. And always it seems to me, the more desperate you are looking for, the less likely you will find it. A successful fund arises rarely through an elaborate planned search, but usually spontaneously when least expected. This simple formula applies not only to the perfect winter coat, but applies also to love and all matters of the heart. And it was just me: looking for i r g e n d w a s I fell this winter coat immediately. We have found us. Just like that. I was considering only a few time, but secretly, it was already too late. Seen, in love, taken and since very often worn. Continue reading Outfit: Greetings from Vienna

Outfit: Preppy Vs. Grunge

DE: this weekend I was (again) in Vienna – I just love this city! It is there to be :) always inspiring

There I hit also the Andrew, that has made these great pictures – thank you again!

I only now noticed that this outfit the pretty looks like two days ago, you can even say that there is not much variation is, unfortunately right. Would it also noticed you?

I just sometimes so favorite combinations, quite unconsciously, and then I notice that I was wearing the outfit almost as ever. Sorry, that I can offer you today, no surprise, so or maybe?
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Outfit: The Castle Maid of Carcasonne

New day, new city, because today is Carcasonne!
Carcasonne can a lot, by the way, because one of the largest castles or fortresses of Europe is available here.
This is kinda totally awesome: you’re just running through a city in a castle in there and it is also still full huge! No kidding it’s really huge, there are many local, namely full at least 2 hotels and even a cathedral – I was totally stoked! I’ve felt right like a damsel of the Castle and could imagine pictorially how one has lived here used to be. I didn’t think that a castle visit is so much fun to me! Now, I really want to watch me German castles and castles (Neuschwanstein!). Just maybe in a different look, I found my dark outfit quite suitable to the location, but the other tourists were probably different because they looked at me like I was an animal in the Zoo. Was it the Pentagram? Whatever, no risk, no fun! Continue reading Outfit: The Castle Maid of Carcasonne

Outfit: It’s Snowing Lyrics! It’s Snowing Lyrics!

While the image still in Berlin was created, I must admit, it looks not much different here. We are now for the first time for a few days in Philadelphia, located just 1.5 hours from NY and I freeze pretty hard. Lucky, it is indeed unusually cold. Nevertheless I was today look a little shopping and got Steve Madden boots for no less than 30 including $ get reduced from 160. I have the first bargain so ever behind me. Unfortunately I am still completely done somehow and live somewhere in the time between Berlin and New York, but I hope that I the days again a get me. The fact is definitely that I should a lot of exercise and a diet as Rohkostveganer should think about when I get back there. I’ve tried fried pickles which for the first time and although I don’t like fried, or pickles I find quite fantastic to the combination of the two. I will not volllabern you now but also with my first impressions, it must be just irgendwie… raus. You know what I mean? Continue reading Outfit: It’s Snowing Lyrics! It’s Snowing Lyrics!

Outfit: Grauer Februar und Raccoons

I have me inspired by the cold, gray days of February and suitable access to weather to shades of gray to become one with my surroundings. Although Yes the bore under the color is grey, I find the outfit so not boring. This is because the wind has always hyped up my skirt (Hello Marilyn!), but not even last to the CAP. I bought it in London last year, but the move it has been somehow forgotten, until I have excavated it again recently when unpacking box and fell in love new. At the latest as Lina whether I would have a warm hat for them because I “Oh I know what you… like” the good piece out fumbled with the words celebrates this legendary Cap her comeback and delighted not only me with her awful cute look, but also the people on the street who grin on her face when I vorbeidackel at them good-naturedly asked me.
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Outfit: Spring Feelings!

Wow, here is it in Germany Yes really warm, in comparison to what I had to endure in New York. I got real spring fever and that’s why I decided to show you a colorful look for which I have suffered in NY properly (well I was standing in the Sun, that was just so) but what I here learned is: who stylish wants to look (and will be) the need for a halt. Because unfortunately there is no way it passes. The same applies for the shoes. Yes, I thought that I’m already high-heels in terms of good, because I stand there at least a few hours in New York on it. Yes right, these shoes, you see that I am beaten 6 hours New York walking around and ran with, I mean really run and not sat. At first I thought: Hey, is no problem with my Russian genetics I thought to myself, but well, I was there too cocky. I can tell you I was extremely happy, as I in the hotel room was tired, cold and rather grumpy, wore flat shoes and then moved it. Continue reading Outfit: Spring Feelings!

Outfit: Ganz ok in Williamsburg

When I heard that the area around the Bedfort AV. It is like a mix from Berlin-Kreuzberg and Hamburger Hill only in much better and cooler, was immediately clear: I need to go. In fact, this is a place that I would have to imagine in my wildest dreams. A Vintageshop to the next, cafes, bars and everything with a special charm, which only means that there once was. I was enchanted. So bewitched that I completely forgot the time until I went out one day and it was snowing out there in the whole Vintageshops and rained (and me look at, believe me I was freezing – once again -!). On the road there were also still so infinitely many cool locations with great street art, but somehow this garage has especially fascinated me. I mean, who depends on his garage “ok” to write? I would to like to met this genius. Continue reading Outfit: Ganz ok in Williamsburg

Outfit: New Favorite Boats

I can believe it really always still barely that’s getting slowly warmer. I mean last Sunday was almost T-shirt weather or at least sunglasses weather! Finally I can wear so soon again my light Festival-inspired looks (yeay!)

But back to the outfit: the combination of the shoes and the jeans is currently my absolute favorite. I’ve got the shoes recently and love it. Really. I wear it since every day, because even though I found it kinda clunky at the beginning I find them now somehow really really good and also they are so infinitely comfortable. So at the moment this is my favorite pair – no question! Levis also is again on the rise and thus I discovered a me very quickly with a cool shirt, that just really makes you want to summer. Continue reading Outfit: New Favorite Boats

Outfit: in Bomber Jacket and Ballerinas in Paris

After I showed you on Monday the first outfit with comptoir des Cotonniers, my 2-day trips to Paris, the second outfit today follows style before the Eiffel Tower of course. It is by the way not so easy to make cool pictures before the Eiffel Tower especially if someone before the image constantly running and the Sun blinds you. Despite Together together eyes, I like the look but like to be, because he is cool and casual at the same time, without looking too athletic. Athletic rather delicate shirts and ballerinas do not fit in this beautiful city in, but so I can befriend me anyway very well, more generally with the Parisian chic. Continue reading Outfit: in Bomber Jacket and Ballerinas in Paris

Press Days: in Paris among Others, Comptoir the Cotonniers

We walk past the Eiffel Tower, smell the cherry blossom trees to the bet, the Sun is shining and Paris is full of flowers and scanting or angry hupender drivers. We talk about love and not nice could be the moment.
Sometimes there’s those moments in which friends is aware that just about right. You’re happy. The moment is perfect and if you could, you would catch him do carefully in a glass like a delicate butterfly, and always carry with you. Instead, we preserve these moments in memories that fade with time, but lose none in beauty.
This moment had a I a week ago with Anni in Paris.
It was just all right: the team, the outfit, the weather, the city, time and the mission. When one has been so lucky?
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